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Engineering and Technology

India is known to produce more engineers every year than many other countries. However, selecting engineers with a deeper understanding of technology, team working ability, and professionalism play a crucial role in the growth and development of the company. Thus, staffing engineers and technical members require experience which the recruiting experts at Qualihires have.

Sourcing Qualified Talents for Engineering and Technology jobs

Acquiring the best and the brightest of technical personnel is one of the key ingredients required for perfect placements. Our professional recruiting experts at Qualihires maintain the highest standards of matching job descriptions with the most suited candidates with the perfect experience and vocational qualities.

Placement of Talents in the Engineering and Technology sector

Our qualified recruiting experts maintain the most relevant database you could ever find. Moreover, matching job positions with a long list of relevant candidates is an integral part of our processes. Once we are done with this process, we recommend only those candidates who have the strongest possible chance of outperforming his or her designated roles. The suggested pool of candidates is hard-working, intelligent, and eager to learn throughout their careers.


The eCommerce industry is one of the flourishing and ever-expanding industries in India in the 21st century. Having recruited over 1000 candidates for various positions in the technology, new age media, and eCommerce industry, our recruiting experts have in-depth knowledge about the essential requirements needed for the proper functioning of the same.

Integrated placement plans for eCommerce jobs

The team of recruiting experts at Qualihires conducts several placements across divisions and designations in the eCommerce sector. We are determined and driven towards finding the right talents, identifying their skill sets, and recruiting them to the eCommerce companies. In the past, due to our deep understanding of the domain, we have successfully placed deserving candidates in many high & mid-level positions, such as CTOs, Vice President – Technology, and Software Managers.

Building the Database of qualified candidates for eCommerce industries

The team of recruiting experts at Qualihires pays special attention to building a database for the qualified candidates so that when an eCommerce company approaches us, we can put forward the most suitable candidates for prospective job positions. Such a practice is strictly followed by Qualihires to simplify the recruitment procedure for both the company and the candidate.

Education and EdTech

With the rapid rise of varying educational institutions in India, there is an unprecedented rise in the demand for quality education professionals. Moreover, EdTech is the future of all education sectors throughout the world, and India is moving faster towards adopting such hassle-free imparting of education.

Talent Acquisition in the Education & EdTech sector

Qualified Recruiting experts at Qualihire ensures to handpick exceptional technical, teaching, and non-teaching staff for the education and EdTech industry. We strive to find the best and the brightest talents in the concerned field who can improve and improvise the education and EdTech sector in India.

Database creation for better recruitment in the Education & EdTech sector

Building a database of highly qualified individuals having prior work experience in working with Education & EdTech companies is of paramount significance. Our team of experts put forward their best of abilities to ensure that only the most suitable ones are selected for suitable job descriptions. Moreover, the teaching staff members are chosen with extra care having a diverse understanding of newer teaching methodologies.

Using an in-depth understanding of the Education & EdTech sector

We at Qualihires understand the technical, teaching, and non-teaching recruitment requirements of the industry itself. Education & EdTech companies require staff members who are willing to learn on the goeven after they are hired for any job. Such an intrinsic understanding of the concerned job sector and the ability to meet such requirements by placing appropriate personalities sets us apart!

Banking and FinTech

The Banking and FinTech industry in India has seen several ups and downs yet it has consistently grown and expanded over time. With an increased expansion the demand to recruit staff in various Banking and FinTech related positions has become indispensable too.

Sourcing qualified talents for FinTech jobs

The team of recruiting experts at Qualihires specializes in discovering & recruiting talented candidates in FinTech startups. Most of the time, they are shortlisted for executive-level positions to meet the demand for talented candidates in FinTech startups.

Placing ingenious talents in FinTech startups

With years of experience, the recruiting experts at Qualihires have successfully offered placements to resourceful and talented candidates in FinTech startups. Our shortlisted candidates have been recruited in several FinTech startups spread across metropolitan cities in India like Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, and Noida. Our shortlisted candidates have successfully filled the positions of product manager, sales executive, executive client manager, field sales executive, software engineers, and many more!

Having in-depth knowledge of the FinTech industries

The recruiting experts at Qualihires have years of experience and deep-rooted understanding of the FinTech business models. Such an understanding of the business helps in filtering the best-suited candidates who have the necessary combination of Finance & Technological expertise. We at Qulaihires make sure to shortlist only those candidates who can fit perfectly in the fast-paced environment of the FinTech startups.

Researching the database of qualified individuals for FinTech industries

The recruiting experts at Qualihires conducts extensive research to build a strong database for the potential candidates. Later, this database of potential candidates is employed to select the right candidate for the right job at various FinTech startups.

End-to-End Executive Search & Recruitment Solutions for FinTech startups

The recruiting experts at Qualihires envisions to simplify the extensive procedure of recruitment so that the recruiting companies, as well as the candidates, have a smooth recruiting experience. Our teams will be involved from sourcing profiles to interviewing candidates, discussing salary packages, and taking the company feedback to identify scopes of improvement.

Healthcare and Pharma

Healthcare Industry is one of the fastest-growing sectors in India with a constant demand for staffing & recruitments. Thus, finding, interviewing, integrating, and retaining talented candidates has become increasingly challenging. Here are some of the branches of the healthcare industry that are exponentially increasing.

Health IT

With new legislation in the Healthcare Reform Bill and the widespread transition to EHR, EMR, telemedicine, and other digital equipment, the demand for health IT workers has grown and will continue to grow, exponentially.

Physician’s Assistants

The shortage of primary care physicians means many health centers in areas facing these shortages are using PAs to fill the gaps.

Registered Nurses

Another area where there is a shortage of staff is in nursing. To help fill in staffing gaps and reduce overworked employees and overtime expenses, healthcare staffing will focus on filling RN positions.

Hospital Public Relations

With the appeal of social media spreading to all industries, including healthcare, many large and small organizations are seeing the benefits of connecting with their patients, doctors, and other companies. Those that can help bring a social voice to the organization will be in demand.

Billing/Account Collectors, Medical Coders

With new legislation increasing the number of people covered by health insurance plans, there will be an increase in the demand for professionals who can help manage all of these accounts and properly code and bill providers for reimbursements.

Our team of expert recruiters makes the talent acquisition for the Healthcare industry hassle-free and effective. We deploy the following measures to provide staffing and recruiting solutions to the healthcare industry

Better manage current employee work-life

Healthcare is a stressful environment by default, so it is imperative to listen to concerns of current employees regarding stress, efficiency, hours, etc. to reduce the risk for “burnout” and reaffirm their pride in their work for the organization.

Craft carefully-written job descriptions

Make sure that prospective employees are aware of the duties they will perform as well as what will be expected of them right off the bat. That way, new hires will be less likely to leave a position when they are faced with unexpected responsibilities.

Use interviews as a two-way street

As important as it is for the interviewee to relay his/her experiences and qualifications to the interviewer, it is just as important for the interviewer to
share with the prospect the culture, environment, daily procedures, and overall “feel” for the organization. This can help ensure a strong employee-employer relationship for high retention rates.

Establish close relations with schools and universities

Building a talent database takes time. Working hands-on with students who are pursuing healthcare-related degrees help in building strong relationships and mutual trust. Moreover, they can be turned into well-experienced, well-trained, and loyal employees in the future.

Turn to current, engaged employees for referrals

It may be advantageous for some healthcare organizations to establish a referral program to help bring in top talent from the relationships current employees have outside of the organization’s network.

Offer attractive, whole-life benefits

There is more to the healthcare industry than multiple-figure salaries. Today, prospective employees are looking for more in a career than just a paycheck, so healthcare organizations may want to consider other benefits like career development, tuition reimbursement, child care assistance, retirement savings plans, and more.

Manufacturing and Retail

India has been witnessing a 3.9% growth in the manufacturing industry potentially opening up doors for a huge recruitment opportunity. Moreover, the Retail industry of India has been growing for the past few decades and has reached its pinnacle for the moment. With such a rise in two of the most diverse labor-oriented sectors, suitable staffing and recruitment solutions from us will be significant and challenging.

Talent Acquisition in the Manufacturing and Retail Sector

We at Qualihires understand the varying needs of staffing and recruitment in the concerned set of fields. Our talented team of recruitment experts ensures the acquisition of experienced as well as new talents in these fields. Since we have the requisite personnel in the manufacturing and retail sectors, we recommend the best staffing solutions in the said industry.

Placing ingenious talents in the Manufacturing and Retail Sector

The recruiting experts at Qualihires, with in-depth knowledge and understanding of the manufacturing and retail sector, handpick the deserving candidates to get placed with the most reliable manufacturers and retail companies. Our staffing solutions are considered one of the best when it comes to efficient hiring and placement of candidates.


India’s rising Hospitality industry is manifest in the ease of travel across the country for foreigners and nationals alike. With the growth of hotels, resorts, spas, and so many other services available across the board recruiting fresh talents has become crucial for demand sustenance.

Acquisition of experiences & fresh Talents in the Hospitality sector

Our highly qualified recruitment experts ensure to acquire equal proportions of fresh as well as experienced personnel for smoother recruitment procedures. When companies from the Hospitality sector approach us, it becomes hassle-free to recommend appropriate individuals for their deserving job positions.

Recruitment in the Hospitality industry

Our team of highly qualified professional recruiting experts maintains an elaborate list of personnel from the hospitality sector. When various hospitality companies approach us for their staffing and recruitment solutions, we suggest to them the best-suited candidates by scouting through our database. These databases are extensively curated and regularly updated to simplify the staffing procedure and in turn, save the precious time of both the candidates and the company.