About US

As a niche Manpower Solutions provides, Qualihires offers a boutique of HR services delivering quality recruitment & Staffing solutions across the Industries, Domains and positions to its Clients based in India, UAE, Singapore and USA.

Having worked with both large multinational and national firms, Qualihires is well versed in a multitude of industries. Extend your recruiting horizons to include well-educated, up-to-date motivated professionals from overseas to fill your openings locally or anywhere in the world. We can connect you with experienced talent that speaks your language.


Qualihires was founded with a simple vision to be a leading Human Resource Management partner in the industry.

We started with a team of two in 2017 and today, we stand proud to hold a community of trusted clients, associates, candidates and team mates that we proudly bank on both internationally and PAN-India. Our clientele goes back from our early days, when it comes to spotting the right candidate for their firm and our new clients are an affirmation towards the honest efforts that our young and motivated team puts in to find them a right match for their firm.

Qualihires takes pride in providing placements for thousands of professionals across various industries. We collaborate with our to build and shape their teams. We have a strong record of successfully serving over 50+ clients across various industries in India, GCC and APAC region.

Qualihires provides innovative client support services in all areas of recruitment and associated services across a wide variety of industry sectors, with proven expertise in each aspect of recruitment. In order to meet the challenges of today’s complex business environment.We employ the best corporate executive recruitment strategies in recruiting and seek to establish a relationship and understanding with our clients.

Being a host to experts of numerous sectors from various industries, Qualihires believes in understanding the business objective before sourcing the best quality profiles for the necessary role. We at Qualihires have excelled in maintaining the perfect balance between the pace and quality.

Management Team

Have you ever wondered how a company functions? A company will only be able to operate effectively and efficiently if it has the right kind of people working with it. Employees make up a modest 90% of any company and thus, hiring the best candidates to entrust your company with becomes enormously crucial. With the increased supply of skilled workers, it is always hard for company heads to go through so many applications and select one. In order to handpick the best people for your organization from a pool of human resource, one would always require the best hiring solutions.

Management Team

If you analyze the corporate world, there are majorly two pathways through which companies recruit employees. One is the traditional pathway, which is to have an Human Resource manager who will be alone responsible for the entire hiring process. The second pathway is to entrust a recruiting expert agency specializing in the same. In recent times, a majority of the companies are going for the latter one simply because it saves them a lot of time. Moreover, you do not have to go through the extensive process of interviewing hundreds of applicants.

Thus, instead of handpicking a potential employee, a potential employee is handpicked for you by the hiring agency. On the other hand, thousands of people looking for a suitable job prefer to get enrolled in a recruiting agency rather than directly applying to their desired company. This happens because the majority of the job seekers already know that getting a call from the latter is next to impossible. Thus, securing a job through a recruiting agency sounds reasonable to the majority of the skilled candidates.

Hence, the recruiting agencies in India are bridging the gap between a potential employer and a potential employee. The underlying idea is to simplify the whole recruiting procedure from both ends so that the company can hire the best candidate according to the job profile and the candidate can also get hired in a company according to their qualification.